Instaclients by Cruis

This isn't a leads system - it's better. We deliver ready to book clients directly to you.

Instaclient isn't just another leads system

It's a fundamentally different way to book new clients.

We provide a full booking process in our mobile app, similar to an online travel agency. The difference is instead of booking the client ourselves we direct them to the best available travel adviser.

What are the benefits of this vs traditional solutions?

These are just some of the things that set us apart. We're creating a whole new way to book travelers that meshes technology and personalized customer service.

No cost to you vs old-school leads

You aren't buying a list of "interested" clients. It's included in your Cruis subscription. Check the pricing page for the full details.

Closing rates vs old-school leads

We only direct clients to you once they are ready to book. They've already been using our app to research their booking and have filled out the traveler data for you.

As a result, the closing rates are the best in the industry.

A breeze to use vs old-school leads

There's no lists to go down and call each client. The clients come to you.

It's also fully integrated into our CRM and will be automatically imported into your client database upon booking.

It's super flexible vs old-school solutions

Use your Cruis profile to customize the brands that you want to work with and we'll filter out those that you don't automatically.

Super powerful. Super simple.

Here's how the instaclient system works for travel advisers.

Step 1
Login to the adviser control panel
Login to the adviser control panel. You'll also have the ability to set your instaclient preferences from your profile settings.
Step 2
Set yourself as available to new clients
On the top left of your control panel you'll be able to click and set your status as available.
Step 3
Wait for a new client request
Once you are set as available you can work normally on other things - you'll get a notification when you have a new client. Depending on your settings, you'll get also get a text message.
Step 4
Assist the client
Now you can work your magic. Any bookings, reminders, or invoices you make will be automatically added to your bookings / clients list.

It's flexible and you're the boss

Set your own hours. Go "on-call" and unavailable whenever you want via our web platform.

Keep your branding on display. We make sure to display exactly who the client is booking with.

We make it simple to integrate into Cruis, so you can keep the same workflow.

Sell your preferred cruise lines. We let you filter out clients that you aren't interested in working with.

Cruis is a little different

We're a travel tech startup focused on improving the technology in the cruise industry.

We do this via our app for travelers and our travel adviser solutions for advisers looking to break the mold. If that sounds exciting, contact us.