Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Cruis app?

We're a new app platform to make it easier for anyone to book the right cruise at the best price.

How does it work?

You can use the app to explore the ships and destinations via photos, reviews, and information from cruise experts.

When you find a ship or itinerary that's right for you we'll connect you with a travel agent that can find you the best rate for your trip and you can book directly with them then and there.

How does booking through Cruis give me a better rate?

Our agents will be able to shop around multiple markets to get you the best rate available as well as special unlisted rates and deals. We'll connect you with the best agent available based on your selection so you get the best possible rate.

Is there a fee for using Cruis?

No. Cruis is free to use and free to book.

If I contact an agent am I obligated to buy?

No. After you talk to an agent you can take as much time as you need to decide to book.

How does payment for my cruise work?

Once you connect with an agent they will be able to take your payment details and setup a payment schedule - once booked you can view this payment schedule and get reminders directly on the app.

How do refunds work?

Typically refunds follow the policies for the cruise line you are booking with. Make sure to ask your agent prior to booking for more information.

How do I get help with my cruise booking?

Once you have booked with an agent you will be able to contact them directly. Their information will be displayed on the app with your booking and confirmation number.

Get started now
There's no commitment to make a booking or any charge for the app. Check it out - even if just to check out the awesome pictures our users have submitted of their vacations.
Cruis is a little different

We're a travel tech startup focused on improving the technology in the cruise industry.

We do this via our app for travelers and our travel adviser solutions for advisers looking to break the mold. If that sounds exciting, contact us.