How to book with the Cruis App
We like to think we're developing the best way to book a cruise. Why? Because we're mixing the best technology with the most knowledgeable and professional travel advisers around. Take a look at how it works:
Step 1
Step 1 - Research
Find a cruise that excites you

No two cruises are the same. On our app you'll find pictures, videos, and information on the most popular cruise lines and ships. You can use that to find a cruise line and itinerary that matches up with your ideal vacation.

We also throw in information like what's included, what's an extra charge, and an estimate of the total price so there aren't any surprises.

Step 2
Step 2 - Travelers
Enter the traveler info
Now we need to know who's taking this awesome cruise. Remember how we said the price was an estimate? Our agents actually have special rates that we aren't allowed to publish - but we can use your info to find these rates and see if you qualify. They also come in handy when we need to book your tickets.
Step 3
Step 3 - Matching
Matching with a travel adviser
Next pick how you want to talk with the travel adviser: text message or phone call. Once you're ready we take the info you gave us with your cruise itinerary and match you with the best available travel adviser.
Step 4
Step 4 - Final Steps
Booking, payment, and bon voyage
Now the travel adviser will take the next steps with you based on your situation. They'll be able to answer any additional questions, change your booking, set up a payment plan, be your advocate with the cruise lines for any issues, or anything else you may need. They are an amazing resource to make your vacation as stress free as possible.
Get started now
There's no commitment to make a booking or any charge for the app. Check it out - even if just to check out the awesome pictures our users have submitted of their vacations.
Cruis is a little different

We're a travel tech startup focused on improving the technology in the cruise industry.

We do this via our app for travelers and our travel adviser solutions for advisers looking to break the mold. If that sounds exciting, contact us.