Your analytics for
your business decisions

Take control of your analytics

We collect the data you need while you use Cruis normally, so you always have access to your reports independent of your host agency or suppliers records.

Client analytics done right

You'll get access to analytics for individual clients, giving you insights on how you can better assist them in booking their next vacation.

  • History of payments

    We keep track of payment amounts and dates. You can run reports individually for clients.

  • Keep track of overall payments

    See how much a client has spent with you on average, total, and per booking.

Always in the loop

We automatically keep track of your bookings. You always know what you're selling and how much.

Bookings by supplier

Keep track of your supplier's sale numbers by whatever date range you need.

Cruis is a little different

We're a travel tech startup focused on improving the technology in the cruise industry.

We do this via our app for travelers and our travel adviser solutions for advisers looking to break the mold. If that sounds exciting, contact us.